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Come check out The Academy where I teach you tips and tricks about being a creator from the perspective of a beginner.  Just 2 years ago I knew nothing about how to use a camera, how to edit photos, how to edit videos and just how to create. So I created The Academy to teach others how to use these tools to help you become the creator I know that you can be through step by step tutorials, product guides and much more.

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Come check out CKid Gaming where I show you guys all the latest in gaming from Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo.  This is a place where gamers can come and geek out over the hottest in gaming.  Also come and enjoy some live streaming of game play.

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Come check out CKid Tech where we talk everything and all things Tech related from Smartphones, TV's, Electric Skateboards, Smarthome Tech and much more.  I also run a series on my channel as Rap Tech videos where I review a product but do it in a Rap fashion.  Curious as to what I'm talking about check out this video here.

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